MCF's Perilous 3.V

I'm thinking I may retire MCF's Perilous! after this final round of the third set, or at the very least go on Summer hiatus. We'll see how things compare to last time, but a break after fifteen consecutive rounds isn't the end of the world.

MCF's Perilous! is a quiz in reverse. I post ten answers. You get one week to come up with the corresponding questions and post them on your blogs, leaving a link to your post in the comments below. Next week, I'll reveal the questions I was thinking of, along with everyone's scores.

Points carry over from one installment to the next, and after five rounds the person with the most points can redeem them for a “prize”. Every five rounds, the scores reset, and a new winner could potentially gain a piece of the Mysterious Master Prize™. Here's our current scoring system:

1 pt=each question
2 pts=each question that matches MCF's
-1 pt=any sentences not in question form, or forgetting a question mark
15 pts=Bonus for the Best Question

Will you face the perils below and attain the maximum points possible? Here are the next 10 answers:

1. It cannot be avoided.

2. Bill Paxton and Robert Downey.

3. Pen Island.

4. The Paper.

5. “The ship was...full.”

6. He won't play the piano for the camera.

7. Shirley.

8. Still pretty red.

9. The animated version.

10. No, Moses supposes erroneously.



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I'll be doing this one tomorrow...it looks challenging.

6/12/2007 7:48 PM  
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