PBW: Stillwell Runs Bleak

I'll be glad when Winter is over. I'm already looking forward to longer, sunnier days, even though it only got cold around here a few weeks ago and I've yet to shovel snow. I'll stop jinxing myself for now.

Sunday actually was warm and sunny compared to most of the days we've been having, but I promised my folks I'd help some more with cleaning out my uncle's house. By the time I dismantled his kitchen table and loaded the pieces into my trunk, the world outside had turned gray once more. Undaunted, with a Photo Blog Wednesday mission to complete, I left my family and set out for Stillwell Woods. A network of trails on Long Island primarily used by bikers, it was one of the few wooded areas I had never explored. The entrance is set back behind several playing fields, and a horrific howling resonated from the trails beyond. I took a few cautious steps, trying to decide if I was hearing dogs, wolves, geese, or any combination of the above locked in deadly combat. I opted to walk a bit further before entering the trail system, emerging in a large open field where some people were flying model planes in the distance. I still didn't see the source of the bestial cries.

I explored a few trails tentatively, where mysterious rustling turned out to be nothing more than birds. I spotted a Cardinal but the underbrush was too thick for a clear shot. I spotted another one, but it flew off too quickly. It was cold, and many of the trails were muddy. Rather than rely on my sense of direction, I backtracked to the first field. In the distance, two dogs of unknown species ran free, ahead of their owners. I stood frozen in the middle of the field, realizing they were blocking the entrance to the trail that lead back to my car. I waited, half pretending to watch the small planes flying overhead, concentrating with all my might not to make any sudden movements or smell afraid.

Soon they left, on the trail I needed to take. I followed cautiously, and got back to the first field in time to see them pile into a truck with a dog trainer's mural on the side. I suppose holding back isn't always necessary, but it's better to be safe than bitten. Without any colorful or interesting subject matter to shoot, I made my way back to my uncle's house to help pack some more boxes.

I'll be glad when Winter is over. Brighter pictures have to be in my future....



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