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Darrell has done this exercise in which he takes an excerpt from someone's blog, translates it into another language via Babelfish, then translates that back into English where hilarity ensues. Rey recently did the same thing to one of his own posts, which was already created using voice recognition software.

I'll be honest; I have nothing profound nor trivial to say right now. It's been a long and trying week, and I've worked late and missed gym two nights in a row. I'm completely burned out creatively and feeling very unmotivated and uninspired, so instead of my words I'm going to rely on your words. To make things a little more interesting though, I'm not going to say whose words are getting scrambled up front as Darrell did. See if you can guess who said what before clicking each of the 10 excerpts below:

1. When I first will start the appointment my future and the current wife, I have helped her stemming from the jam she am. She has a love dog named she to nurture Abby since her is the puppy. The Abby nine years old and my wife's landlord could not let her stopping over at that time in hers apartment. So, is the generous person, I am (perhaps), I decided, Abby and I stayed in my wife left together in mine house for the next three months her lease.
(English to Chinese and back)

2. I started this as blog because I love abso-friggin-lutely the music of the metal heavy and I feel drawn to write on it, of an angle or another one, the time to the time. I love the metal. I grew above in it. I age teenager in 80's, during the height of the popularity of the metal, and I never stopped to appreciate it. I always do not think of I will. I am certain that I will spend I rest of my life that I read books comic, playing the games video, and crankin' above of the metal.
(English to Portuguese and back)

3. I had a little negotiations with my following neighbor of door (by mat'yu of dears of girl and husbands putz), and 4 ogorchenn to report that it seems that it passes more than a little the cells of the brain. The poor thing probably did not have much, was which necessary to begin s, and sudyashch to difficult life which it it bears on its side, Lethe assumed duty upon it this will be they gave by woman it disturbs in order to have a talk s, is which that it it has a tendency to make 2 things thus far vklyuchayushch in discourse with me.
(English to Russian and back)

4. Now you can include/understand because my husband one found that it sleeps under two layers of the sleeping bag and my cat one found that is moved around one of my feet.
(English to Italian to French to English)

5. Really, I do not mean this. Well, I mean to say "geja'soy," and I mean you to wish the happiness, but this entire thing of "new year" it is good arbitrary - and I think that it should it is better - known for the challenge of problems from, what for his revelry and reduction of balls.
(English to Greek and back)

6. I am a large aerator of the legion of super heroes. My father redeemed their first verschijning in the fifties ' (yes, it in pockets is done and and worth concerning grand embarked) and he let study its first born zoon each of their adventures by the seventies. By most of the eighties ' and nineties, I bought comics in their several incarnations and collect today the version of Waid of the sign of the teenager heroes of the future.
(English to Dutch and back)

7. Me it gets married, me marriage it loves, it loves my wife. The marriage savage for of the shoes futures and the mankind, all the few people will not be good but and quite the man who will be being a condition which is only there is a life first thing flesh l possibility inside lonely creating of being sufficient me it thinks.
(English to Korean and back)

8. This last six-month period I took a class of drawing. I calculated that it slackens, and that may be which is entertainment. It was incorrect. It was an enormous portion of work. With solved 3 hours twice a week. It was really more for which it had stipulated, but never I fell a class before thus I stuck it out.
(English to Spanish to French to English)

9. all O connected by that, with the usual attacks at the work, in order to receive things battened down for the holidays, has me away from recently blogging and it is held, I a probability receives only now there, a fast entry for the cooked egg to in addition-sit and exist. At the moment in the small calm point between the manufacturing of the preparations for Christmas and the large daily landing on us, I receive the probability, somewhat in addition-sit and to write out.
(English to German and back)

10. A friend once that he is said that the clinical definition of the madness is a person who renders several times the same precise thing while completely she holds account of various turns out to you. I do not know you specify that the definition is but important center sees its: if conserved to repeat of the errors an at least six moron.
(English to Spanish to French to Italian to English)


Blogger Rey said...

Impressive like man. Great work.
(English -> French -> English -> German -> English -> Russian -> English -> Spanish -> English.)

1/26/2007 12:28 PM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I'm glad someone else gets a kick out of this. By the way, I now want a tattoo that says "I love the metal. I grew above in it."

1/27/2007 3:07 PM  
Blogger Otis said...

Good stuff as always.

1/28/2007 8:45 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

I got Darrell, Wendy, Rey and me---I completely missed Rhodester, although i had read that particular post. But still, Rey said it best..

1/29/2007 5:51 PM  

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