MCF's Perilous! III Questions

Hello, and welcome to the results for the third round of MCF's Perilous! As usual, I provided 20 answers for which my readers had to come up with the corresponding questions and post them on their blogs. Scoring was as follows:

1 pt=each question
2 pts=each question that matches MCF's
-1 pt=any sentences not in question form, or forgetting a question mark
15 pts=Bonus for the Best Question

Three rounds are done, and two more remain before someone gets a prize and the scores reset for another five rounds. Who will gain a piece of one of my most carefully guarded secrets?

Here's how everyone is faring so far:

Round 1: Darrell R1 21
Round 2: Darrell R2 20
Round 3: Darrell R3 38
Total: 79

Round 1: Scott R1 20
Round 2: Scott R2 22
Round 3: Scott R3 23
Total: 65

Round 1: *NAME HIDDEN* R1 21
Total: 21

Round 1: Lorna R1 20
Round 2: Lorna R2 21
Total: 42

Round 1: Kev Bayer R1 20
Round 2: Kev Bayer R2 11
Round 3: Kev Bayer R3 20
Total: 51

Round 1: Otis R1 21
Round 2: Otis R2 29
Round 3: Otis R3 23
Total: 73

Round 1: Rey R1 21
Total: 21

Round 2: Wendy R2 20
Round 3: Wendy R3 25
Total: 45

Darrell got the 15 point bonus for question #3. Well done!

And now, here are the questions I was thinking of:

1. Cosmos.
Which Autobot transformed into a green flying saucer?

Which director brought Superman to the big screen in 1978?

3. Blixem.
What was the original Dutch name for the reindeer now known as Blitzen?

4. Donna Dixon.
Which actress did Homer Simpson once erroneously list as a reindeer?

5. Sleepy.
How might one describe Jerry's regular appearance?

6. Doc.
Which African-American G.I. Joe served as the team's first medic?

7. That was how he got to Luchow's.
Why does MCF's mom say that his dad always got lost first when taking her to a certain restaurant during their courtship?

What did a young MCF shout to a friend outside his window, right before throwing his fist through a pane of glass because he didn't know the latch had fallen after his friend flipped the window shut?

9. “Did they teach you that fancy psychology in college?”
How do MCF's parents deflate anything he's saying in the midst of an argument?

10. Haim Saban; Paul Dini; Bruce Timm.
Who are three people, better known for their later projects, that were all involved with the original He-man and the Masters of the Universe?

11. Alfred E. Neuman.
When kids in school mocked MCF for his appearance, what was his least favorite comparison?

12. Because I threw his leather coat out of the car when he dared me not to.
Why did one of my college friends throw me out of his car at a rest stop on an interstate and start to drive away?

13. Rey.
Which blogger was present on the college road trip for the incident I just described, and thus ineligible to get an extra point for a correct question #12?

14. They make saliva.
What does MCF's dad say is the chief benefit of hard candies?

15. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”
What is Optimus Prime's original motto from 1984, spoken for the first time ever by original voice actor Peter Cullen at the end of the most recent trailer for the new movie, to the delight of fans everywhere?

16. Hyperballistic.
In seventh grade, what word did MCF unsuccessfully try to coin as the next popular slang term a la “cool”, “hot”, “dope”, “phat”, etc.?

17. A single, thick eyebrow.
What is one prominent feature of my Uncle Jerry?

18. It could summon help, warn of danger, grow in size, cast energy blasts, act as a shield, and unlock an ancient tome.
What were some of the many abilities of the Sword of Omens?

19. Eye contact.
What is something MCF has trouble with, especially with attractive ladies?

20. Lettuce, Flan, and genuine Chinese food.
What are three things MCF never tried before he was in his 20s?



Blogger TheWriteJerry said...

#17 - Not to be confused with GeekFriend and normal eye-browed TheWriteJerry.

1/02/2007 9:13 AM  
Blogger Scott Roche said...

How could you have never tried lettuce?

1/02/2007 11:20 AM  
Blogger MCF said...

Jerry--Yeah, you're slightly younger by about 35-40 years. But you may have just earned yourself a new nickname. ;)

Scott--It was green.

1/02/2007 11:40 AM  
Blogger Otis said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1/02/2007 8:20 PM  
Blogger Otis said...

Looks like a tight race down to the wire. The answers are getting harder though.

1/02/2007 9:15 PM  

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