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What's this? A windy Autumn day? Fierce waves at the beach? Where can this week's Photo Blog Wednesday be taking us? And why am I hearing these questions read in my head by William Dozier? No friends, this was no mere trip to the beach, for across the street I found a diabolical lair, one not open to the public whilst the sun still held fast to the sky...

Yes, I paused this past weekend to check out a Halloween themed park. Of course, many of you may be wondering after yesterday’s post just what the creepy wig in my shower was for. Some of the guesses have inspired me to save the straggly thing for future costumes, ideas so appealing that they've overshadowed my fear of the multiple “fire” warnings on the packaging and wig itself. I was originally going to throw it away after today.

No one guessed correctly of course, and I would have been impressed if anyone had with what little I provided. My pal thegreek took a photo of me that, without any alteration on my part whatsoever, is perfectly suitable for publication:

Finally, if anyone is still stumped, I was surprised after this next photo, taken by my mom, revealed a very telling celebrity endorsement:

Speechless? I certainly was, especially after winning second prize in my company’s annual costume contest. I wonder if I should have entered in previous years? I think the fact that my costume was described as the “most realistic” sums up the fact that I’m not all that talkative, myself.

In other news, the massive party across the street made any public assault on our home nigh impossible, so the egging I feared, at the risk of jinxing myself by typing this, did not take place. I will, of course, let everyone know if I’ve just probably improbably twisted reality. It was a good Halloween, and now I have to start thinking about next year...



Blogger Darrell said...

My pal thegreek took a photo of me that, without any alteration on my part whatsoever, is perfectly suitable for publication

Dude, you're a mutant. Sunlight shines out of your face! I know this nice doctor with a school for gifted children who can help you learn to harness that power.

11/01/2006 8:34 AM  
Blogger Curt said...

I never understood why you didn't enter the contest after going to so much trouble coming up with such excellent costumes. Congrats on second place this year, though when I saw that first picture, I thought you had dressed up as Sam Kinnison.

11/01/2006 9:10 AM  
Blogger Otis said...

Excellent costume.

11/01/2006 3:58 PM  
Blogger Lyndon said...

So out of curiosity, what was the winner of the costume contest wearing?

11/01/2006 11:02 PM  
Blogger MCF said...

Darrell, I am in fact a mutant, but I have no control over my powers. Trust me, there have been plenty of times I wished I could have blasted sunlight out of my face. Maybe I do need that school.

Curt, I guess I never entered because I was shy or embarassed. Even incognito I didn't want to put myself on display. The one year I was going to enter, I got to work too late because I was a moron and went back home for my forgotton ID card. I guess I'm (finally) getting more comfortable and feeling more accepted by people, so this year I took a chance, and it paid off. Note to self: be brave and take more chances.

Thanks, Otis. You too! ;)

Lyndon, the winner was a Maniac in a torn orange prison jumpsuit, with bloodstains and a gory mask. Third place went to my friend B13, but I'm hoping he posts pics at his blog for me to link to at some point so I won't reveal his. While my costume required more hair, both real and artificial, he went a different route....

11/01/2006 11:42 PM  

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