Shallow Thoughts

Not much happened today, no one thing to merit being the focus of a blog entry. And even I'M getting tired of ranting about my day. Instead, I present a day in the life of MCF to you in the form of random chronological excerpted thoughts, a format similar to my recent Thunderbirds review.

“So tired....why did my mom fall and crack her head yesterday...we were up until 1AM stopping the bleeding...I'll just lie here for five more min.....”

“Oh CWAP! It's almost 8AM! Where's my Special K?”

“Don't think about driving don't think about driving don't think about--that's a LOT of ice on my car...!”

“OK, relaxing my facial muscles, breathing normally, keeping the window cracking, doing just fine, think about the DSL problem and that ‘error getting sync' junk, don't worry about driving and I am SO tired. OK, just let me make it to the next parking lot and--hey, is that cop following me?”

“That cop is still behind me; why? Am I driving to slow? Does he see me napping at every light? Is the fog from my breath making it look like I'm smoking in here? OK, good, he's passed me. And I'm almost at work.”

“OK, my yearly review is at 11. Hard to believe it's been FIVE YEARS....nice of them to give me a $100 gift certificate to the store of my choice and...is that my phone?”

“Stay calm. So the boss moved the review up a half hour. That's that much more time to get your catalog corrections done later.”

“STILL not a Senior AD, but a great review nonetheless. Probably the only thing I need to work on next year is to volunteer to take on more extra work, even though I already design a 24 page catalog and several flyers nineteen times a year, and created 29 original book jackets as well last year. My boss understands that though; this guy's all right. I like his candor and his common sense approach to getting work done, like not having excess meetings ABOUT meetings that take up too much of my time, or perching on my shoulder and monitoring my every move. My last supervisor was like that, and he doesn't share her philosophy, and outright said as much. Damn, but candor and common sense are refreshing. Wish this place gave better raises though....”

“Huh. Driving myself is actually less stressful. I can't believe this guy lost his face in college, and STILL drives as “bravely” as he does. We made it to this Mexican place in record time though. Oh look at that, the other guys are letting me have shotgun on the way back as well. Well, it's not like OH GOD I'M GONNA DIE!!!! Phew, close one. Can't wait to drive myself later...”

“Must....buy....Axe deodorant.”

“Must....not buy....office supplies.”

“Awesome. Not yet five o'clock and I've got the catalog off my desk and--hey, what's this e-mail from marketing? Ah. More corrections. At least they're small, but I so thought I was done for the day.”

“OK, did I just flip out to my friend over one of our coworkers taking sequential sick days? Am I still a human being? Granted, this is a difficult person who barely does an adequate job when he's here, but people should be able to take time out to be sick, even if I don't. What kind of a boss would I be? 'No coal for you!' I need to take a walk, clear my head, regain perspective.”

Rey's right; I need this highly-poseable magnetic Spider-man. Now if I can just...put it back....and get back...to work....”

“I'm done. It's gym time.”

“Two miles on the treadmill....I'm slowly coming back. Wish my pulse would slow down; I predict a rough ride home.”

“That wasn't so bad, after a rough start. I'm learning to ride this thing out pretty good now that I know what to expect. Maybe someday I'll get from point A to point B and realize I hadn't given it a second thought!”

“OK, DSL filter's not the problem....why does my phone not have static? Is it because it's not in a four-prong adaptor like the other ones? What time is it? I should watch my tape of tonight's Joey and---oh CWAP!! I missed the beginning of Committed! That show actually has some potential and the pilot had some damn funny bits. I forgot there was a new one on tonight already---man, Thursdays have really become a dead zone for television, especially this 8:30 slot and--YO, that cameo was BRILLIANT! Damn funny junk with the hidden camera too. Yeah, I'll be back for this next Tuesday if I remember. Great lead-in for Scrubs as well.”

“Call me twelve, but this movie was damned funny and had Joes versus Cobras which was interesting because--wait, what time is it? OH CWAP! I have to blog! Great, and now my mom is in chatter mode. Sure. I'll become a doctor because I got her head to stop bleeding last night and she's proud of me. Uh huh, ok g'night! I'm slowly starting to notice the role reversal of who takes care of who around here; I'm leery that these two are thinking of flying to Italy for a few days. I guess I finally understood how they felt that time I went to a Middle School dance. I was so mad when my dad came in and yanked me out at 9:30 because I had school the next day. Now I see what it's like to worry about someone. And now my short collection of thoughts has turned in to my usual rant. I need a last sentence. I'll make something up.”

And so, our hero flipped off the light, gently nudged the cat over, and settled down to rest after another long day of living.


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