I got nothin’

I didn't get any new movies tonight, so I won't be reviewing anything.

I suppose I could blog about “toughing it out” and making it through another harrowing drive home, or talk about how frustrating it is to not go a simple 15 miles to or from work when I used to drive to other STATES, last year by myself in a bad rainstorm no less. I like driving. I miss worry-free/fatigue-free driving. I'm getting there. This morning and tonight were rough, but better than yesterday. More importantly, I'm feeling good otherwise, really good. I biked 10 miles in the gym tonight.

Contrary to what I just said about feeling good, I am getting a tickle in my throat that I'm praying isn't a relapse--it's too soon to get sick again. It's been COLD here though, and I often have to open my window when I get those “nodding off” spells in the car. Walking from the gym to my car in shorts and a t-shirt isn't smart either when it's 17 degrees. Despite all my own stupidity, I still lay some blame on my cubicle neighbor who twice a years gets some kind of really bad infection and coughs constantly. Worse, I overhear horror stories of her self-medicating. A few weeks ago she was talking about using some leftover antibiotic that her husband had from the DENTIST. Earlier today I heard her talking to a doctor finally, but only to report that she'd missed her dosage and was going to “double up”. At first she expressed shock when he apparently told her she had to now wait a month before resuming taking whatever it is she was on. Later in the conversation he finally reached her as she laughed, “I really messed up THIS time, huh?” She punctuated that with raucous laughter that quickly turned to barking. My mom had repeatedly recommended I bring spray disinfectant and obnoxiously spray over my wall the next time this happens. Fortunately she's out the rest of this week and I'm off Thursday and Friday, so I only have one more day to spend in the infected zone. Which is good since my office seems to shut off the heat every day at 4, and I find myself freezing for the next 2 hours. 3 counting the time I'm down in the gym which is no warmer, but I don't feel it once I get moving.

Wow. My dad mentioned as he was going to bed the latest death toll he'd heard on the news. 56,000. That's inconceivable. I live near a shore on Long Island. If something like that happened here...it's crazy. What a horror for those people. My dad thinks the end of the world is coming; he just told me to “put my house in order” and “ask Rey what the bible says about the end of the world, if it's fire or if water's involved.” It really is an unimaginable disaster of biblical proportions. Inconceivable.

I haven't finished Wolves of the Calla yet....I'm about a third of the way in, maybe less, and I expect to get through another big chunk this coming weekend. It's awesome so far, and I'll definitely dedicate a post to it when I'm through, but not yet. Not tonight.

There is one thing I could blog about tonight, except it kind of ties in to that great idea I alluded to yesterday. What happened tonight changes part of what I was planning to write, but I can still include it, so it will have to wait until another day. Until Friday. Tantalizing readers seems to work for my friends Jerry and Curt. Does teasing equal ratings? Stay tuned....

So I got nothin', just another NLTB™ post. Check back tomorrow for something of many words, and little import.


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