Sweet Freedom

I'm living from weekend to weekend lately, and with a vacation day tomorrow and a holiday Friday, I'm looking at a blissful four days.

No driving.

No deadlines.

No struggling to find diplomatic, non-accusatory/confrontational methods of getting people to do their jobs so I can do mine.

No staring at a pile of unfinished work hanging over me, or feeling the weight of truth, that once I do get to it there is no sense of accomplishment, because by then there's more work that I'm worrying about getting to. No dreading the next 30-40 years of that cycle continuing, if I live that long.

No putting off basic amenities like using the bathroom or getting a drink of water until I “finish designing one more page.”

No getting up early.

No shaving--at least until Christmas when my Uncle comes over. Wait, going to an 8 PM mass with my folks Christmas eve....ok, so TOMORROW I get to not shave. Sweet. Stubble rules.

No more lines--got the last of my shopping done today.

NO stress.

Yes DVDs.

Yes staying up late.

Yes sleeping late.

Yes video games.

Yes sweatpants.

Yes web-surfing.

Yes reading.

Yes writing.

Maybe junkfood....maybe...

I'm exhausted. I had the same spells driving again tonight, the low pulse and shallow breathing and a clicking sound in my right ear joined the party. Stress is clearly turning me in to a hypochondriac. Wound tight to the point of breaking, I'm definitely looking forward to a blissful four days of rest, relaxation, and decompression.

I'm free to do what I want.... free falling...


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