Sweet Christmas!

...as Luke Cage would say. It's a great expression, though I suspect lost on the modern incarnation of the character I first encountered in Marvel Tales #100, which reprinted Amazing Spider-man #123. Upset over the death of his friend Norman Osborn(and unaware that Osborn was in fact the Green Goblin), J. Jonah Jameson hires the freelance hero Power Man(Cage) for $5,000.00 to take down Osborn's killer, Spider-man. 300 pounds of solid muscle, Cage is more than a match for Spidey, who survives their first encounter by using his opponent's mass against him. Their second confrontation is settled when Spider-man webs up Cage and tells his side of the story, seemingly successfully since Cage returns Jonah's money. I miss the ‘70s version of Cage. The ‘90s saw Marvel modernize the character, shaving his head and giving him high-tops and brass knuckles that spelled his name, trading one era's stereotype for another. It'll be interesting to see Cage and Spider-man interact as New Avengers though. And from what I've read, Cage's girlfriend Jessica Jones has an interesting backstory in the pages of Alias and The Pulse, whose trade paperbacks I might have to pick up at some point.

Speaking of sweets, and Christmas, I've had plenty of both. My mom cooked an outstanding Italian meal for my dad, her brother, and I, and later we enjoyed pastries my Uncle brought and cookies she had baked. The acid dancing up in to my throat now is a sure indication that I overdid it, but it was nice at the time. My uncle left early, since both of my parents are still recovering from the colds I inadvertently gave them. Out of the blue as he was putting his coat on, he asked me if I had more time off and I mentioned that though I was back at work on Monday, I was taking off again the following Thursday for yet another four day weekend. He advised me to take my vacation days, and lamented that he never went on any vacations while he worked, at one point accruing as many as thirty unused days, a familiar tale. After he'd left I asked my mom if they had been talking about my own recent health issues which I've reluctantly attributed to stress, and she said they had not. Why do people keep telling me to go away? A more neurotic and paranoid individual might think people were trying to get rid of him. On the other hand, maybe 2005 will be the year I do get away, once I'm feeling more like my old self. Realistically, I don't know where or when or if I'll ever feel 100% without taking a real break, but it's certainly something to consider. But of course my Uncle retired early for various reasons and lived off of stocks, and frequently goes on trips with fellow veterans and friends from A.A., and never got married. There are pros and cons to the source of the advice I was given tonight.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish anyone kind enough to read this column a safe, happy, and blessed Christmas. I hope everyone is healthy and had a great day, and enjoyed their presents, including MCF writing a rare short article. Peace!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, MCF. Nice to be able to read and catch up with a blast from the past such as yourself. :-)


12/26/2004 8:54 PM  
Blogger MCF said...

Hey, Bats! Talk about a blast from the past! Welcome to the Nexus!

12/26/2004 11:02 PM  

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