The Essential MCF: 2K9-2K10: Part 6

Cloakfest 2K10 lives on! With May and June 2010 reviewed, July is our next logical stop:

July, 2010

Triple elbuorT
Three problems visited in the end of June attain various degrees of closure, or lack thereof, at the beginning of July.

Keeping My Cool
This Summer was HOT, but I endure the heat for parades, a barbecue, and yard work. My dad feels the heat too and is disappointed in his limitations, while I'm impressed that an 80-year-old who had heart surgery can do as much as he does.

PBW: MCF Takes Manhattan 2
It's part 2 of 3 as I take advantage of a business trip to take pictures in the greatest city I know.

The Rise and Fall of M. Night
Once upon a time there was a promising director named M. Night Shyamalan whose film career path can be described as, “Great-Awesome-Good-Wait What?-Decent-WTF was that?!-OMGYouRuinedAvatarYouB@st@rd!” I elaborate on that a bit more in the actual post, of course.

The Old Man Keeps Going.
My dad might not be what he once was physically, but his spirit is an inspiration.

PBW: MCF Takes Manhattan 3
I button up my collection of New York photos in the conclusion of a three-part series.

Fix or Repair Daily Redux
I wish my troubleshooting skills included my dad's knowledge of automobiles, especially when my inability to get a friend's car started reminds me that I should have paid more attention as a kid handing the old man wrenches.

Loop De Loop
Without variety, I find myself going in circles, and parts of my life begin to blur as I forget certain details and repeat myself and repeat myself.

Crank Wanker
Over the years, one of my band leaders and his son have become like family to me. And, like family, they rely on me, especially since neither father nor son drive. This proves challenging when transporting a bass drum or just commuting to a job, and causes them to depend more than others. The bus depot proves not as patient as myself...

Signs and Causes of Stress
These include but are not limited to bizarre dreams, researching the disease of a dying aunt, eating lunch at my desk, dealing with a major printer jam, and discovering 8 D batteries have leaked inside a boombox I inherited from an old friend.

PBW: The Six Faces of Dorkness
I pity the fool who doesn't recognize my six digital alter-egos. I do, I do! (I don't.)

Tact vs. Age
Some people reach an age where they don't care what they say anymore, while others never cared to begin with. My dad more or less falls in to that first category while his oldest sister falls in to the latter, especially when matter-of-factly stating that if their sister did not pass away during her trip up from Florida, she would not plan on coming back to New York for the funeral.

Order of Operations
A rough week starts with my aunt losing her battle with cancer, my dad grumbling about the way his nephew worded the obituary, and me figuring out how I'm going to get everything done at work when a funeral clearly takes priority over a busy season. It's all about my autopilot.

PBW: Aunt Josie
It's a photo farewell to a favorite Aunt.

Always Darling
I said goodbye to my Aunt Josie with pictures, and then I said it with words. It still doesn't seem real, but my family made it through that tough week, and beyond.

Always Darling
I said goodbye to my Aunt Josie with pictures, and then I said it with words. It still doesn't seem real, but my family made it through that tough week, and beyond. Hopefully, we’ll see her again in the next life...

* * *

And that's what I wrote about in July 2010 in my sixth year of doing this.

The Essential MCF 2K9-2K10 will continue....

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