MCF's COMMON Bondz 9

Did you guess? Do you know the COMMON bond's in yesterday's edition of MCF's COMMON? Read on, to find out what links each group of four....

(A) Day Break.
(B) Drive.
(C) The Black Donnellys.
(D) Happy Town.
Sadly, these are all great shows that were prematurely canceled, with unaired episodes burned off online. I just found out the other day that this was the only way I'd see the final two episodes of Happy Town. I'll never understand why networks think repeats and reality shows will get better ratings, especially during the Summer when people aren't watching much television. I have a strange feeling the same fate awaits Persons Unknown even though it's meant to be a finite series, because changing time slots on Monday and then moving to Saturday within the first five episodes of a 13-episode series isn't a good sign.

(A) Bacon.
(B) Cheese.
(C) Croutons.
(D) Lettuce.
In my book, these are all key ingredients to a tasty salad, with the lettuce of course being the only thing that makes it a salad. Swap roast beef for bacon, and you describe exactly what I had for dinner the night I wrote this.

(A) Ray.
(B) Peter.
(C) Winston.
(D) Egon.
If you guessed Ghostbusters, then you correctly knew who you're gonna call.

(A) Dick.
(B) Jason.
(C) Tim.
(D) Damian.
Did you recognize these as the first names of characters who've been Batman's sidekick Robin? Holy comic book geekery!

(A) Mouser.
(B) Tryclyde.
(C) Clawgrip.
(D) Wart.
If you ever played and enjoyed Super Mario Bros. 2 as much as I did, you might remember the challenge of defeating these various bosses to reach the twist ending to one of the best games in the series.



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