Phantasmic Links 2.1.10

I know I was fairly preoccupied during the month of January, but I still can't believe how quickly it went, or that we're already in February. Considering that this is the first year in a long time that didn't start with either a deathly ill parent or pet, I'm counting my blessings. The last day of January did end on an odd note, as I took a road trip with both of my parents to a bank in Connecticut to renew a CD and add another $5,000.00 to the account as my 2009 IRA contribution. Since I bank alone, reside in New York, and no bank is open on a Sunday, you can probably guess that this was just a dream. It became clear to me when the teller turned out to be my Aunt Rosie, who in real life now resides in a nursing home, often heavily sedated. “[MCF]-y!” she squealed, in the more excitable younger version I remembered, “I know YOU!” At this point I explained my transaction, subconsciously aware that on a balcony looking down on the scene, that girl I had been e-mailing earlier in the month recognized me, and kind of gasped at how good-looking I was in person, regretting that she stopped responding to me. In reality, she's a billing manager for a physical therapy department, which I guess was financial enough for me to stick her in a bank in my dream. In any case, I just adjusted my tie and smoothed out my very fine looking black suit, and didn't let on that I noticed her watching me. My aunt came back with the bank manager and a lot more paperwork than I'm used to for such a simple contribution. When I read through the stack and couldn't find anything to sign, the manager explained that I didn't need to, because I was a regular blood donor. I hoped he said that loud enough for the girl in the balcony to hear, thinking that might impress her. I then met my folks back out in the parking lot, and got behind the wheel of my black luxury car after getting my mom, who was acting a little senile, out of the driver's seat. As the sun set and I began the long drive home, I slowly opened my eyes to another boring, ordinary Sunday. I got a lot done though, from laundry to movies to some artwork, and I of course compiled some fine February First PHANTASMIC LINKS:

(1) I love this concept pen that can sample and mimic any shade in real life, even though by my understanding of color theory it wouldn't actually work with RGB ink cartridges. It's still a great concept.

(2) LOST returns tomorrow night, but will the final season make myself and fellow fans more annoying? The Onion says “Yes.”
Hat Tip: Krispy.

(3) Marvel at how the iPhone saved one life in Haiti.

(4) Want to turn a credit card into a device that shoots pennies? Here's how.
H.T.: Frank “B13” Castle.

(5) Watch out for some of your favorite commercial stars; some of them might have a criminal future(Verizon Guy I'm looking at you...and where's the Burger King? I don't trust that creep...)
H.T.: Krispy.

(6) Speaking of advertising, find out what happens when one man chronicles a woman's life through the various ads in which she appears. This one has a great ending....

(7) Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige lets some interesting tidbits slip about upcoming movies featuring your favorite Avengers...

(8) Walmart presents some kind of clown, here to amuse you and terrify your kids.
H.T.: Krispy.

(9) I really dig the new Human Target, but only the original could tell us whether David Carradine or Rick Springfield would win in a fight. I guess he wished he had Kwai Chang's Girl....

(10) Chibi Knight may well be the cutest RPG to ever destroy an afternoon of your productivity.

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



Anonymous Krispy said...

Man, I was a triple threat this week! Between this and some recent attention I've received from a few other bloggers, I feel so ... so .... validated!

2/01/2010 2:31 AM  

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