PBW: Tackapausha Memories

I have a fuzzy, childhood memory of visiting the Tackapausha preserve on Long Island's South shore, and seeing a giant totem pole at the entrance to the woods on a main road. It's one of those places I've been meaning to get to since I began my journey as an amateur digital photographer, and when I finally made it back there for the first time in over 20 years this past Sunday, that totem pole was no where in sight, nor was the entrance to the preserve on the road I thought it was on. So I don't know what I was thinking of, but I still got in a nice hike and captured some nice sights for this week's Photo Blog Wednesday. On the way home, I even stumbled upon a memorial field of flags, which you'll also find below. It's good that I keep a photographic record of my travels. If my memory is failing me now, these photos will definitely come in handy when I'm 20 years older....



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