PBW: The Accidental Oasis

Some of my best Photo Blog Wednesday adventures happen when I have absolutely no plan at all. Driving aimlessly on Monday afternoon, I passed a sign for the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, a place I haven't been to since an elementary school field trip. I remember the grounds and structures were very nice, and grew excited at the opportunity to return there as an adult. The van crowding my rear bumper had other ideas, however, so I missed my turn. I made the first left I could, and was soon driving down a narrow two lane road alongside the water. I ended up in some beautiful waterfront town, and decided to park there and take pictures. It was idyllic, and I wondered where this hidden treasure was exactly. As I walked along the shore, I couldn't help but notice how much this little community resembled Northport. As my perspective changed, I began to think it was Northport, and then I noticed the name on some signs. I'd been there dozens of times, from parades to dates to solo photo excursions, but had always come in through the main road. The little side street I accidentally discovered was a back way in that shaved several minutes off the route I used to take whenever I'd go there. I wish I knew about that street ten years ago. In any case, it was a beautiful day, and a perfect place to spend a day off from the office. As for the Vanderbilt site, I managed to drive past it later and see that it was closed. I'll have to save that for the future, and not on a Monday.



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