Phantasmic Links 8.31.09

I swear, I heard my father say to pop the trunk, and I obliged. I should have noticed when our friend Bill the trumpet player got in that he was carrying his instrument. They should have noticed the sound of the trunk unlatching, but Deaf and Deafer heard nothing. I thought the girl waving at me on the expressway and pointing was telling me not to cut into the lane where her husband/boyfriend was driving. I gave a polite wave and shook my head at the nerve of some people. I saw them. I only had my directional on. I wasn't changing lanes until they passed. But it wasn't until I was well into Queens and nearly at the site of our gig that I noticed the words “TRUNK AJAR” glowing just above the radio. I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed some slight movement. It definitely wasn't latched. It was a miracle it never popped open all the way and that we didn't lose anything. My dad wanted to jump out at the next red light as soon as he learned of my stupidity, but I convinced him not to risk getting run over until we reached a side street to pull over. We had made it that far, and lost nothing. The gig itself, a birthday party outside a small Italian restaurant, went a lot smoother, until they asked us to stay an extra half hour for an extra $5, which was a little insulting. We were all tired and had other places to be on a Sunday evening, but the restaurant owner chipped in a little more for the overtime and, hopefully, everybody was happy. I'm exhausted after my adventures, but as always I can muster up enough energy to share some PHANTASMIC LINKS:

(1) Artist Tim O'Brien takes on a realistic--and creepy--rendering of one Chuck Brown. I love it. This “untooned” take on Homer by another artist is equally awesome and disturbing. Be sure to check out some of the other ones on that site as well, like Mario, Stewie, or Jessica Rabbit.
Hat Tip: Krispy

(2) ”Michael Wayvid Whorenelli”'s name is an anagram for “Weevilly and Heroic Whim”. What's yours?

(3) In theory, some ‘80s stars could make great comebacks with guest spots on some of our favorite current shows.

(4) Here's a list of 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cartoon, and other shows in no particular order. Oh, the site will claim that there's an order, but it all seems pretty random. It is a great list of shows from various times and genres that we geeks like, but beyond that it's all over the place.
H.T.: J-No.

(5) Sh*t My Dad Says is a brilliant and hilarious collection of things the author's old man comes out with, and definitely falls into the “Why didn't I think of that?” category.
H.T.: b13.

(6) Dave Macdowell marries pop culture to his art and creates something greater than the sum of its parts. Just imagine Kevin Smith's Stand By Me, or the music the Samuel L. Jackson 5 might produce. This rules.

(7) Mekuri Master is a game in which the title character must run down a hall flipping up girl's skirts while the music chants his name. I know, right?

(8) As Summer winds to a close, at least according to our calendars, you might want to check out The 100 Greatest Summer Songs of All Time.

(9) Who would have thought that a strategically placed obstacle could actually speed up evacuations?

(10) In Icebreaker, only you can free frozen vikings!

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



Anonymous Krispy said...

I'm not using my real name at my blog, but I love it's anagram: "Well-run or ladylike dream." And my word verification to post this comment is "ourey." I love that, it sounds like an incredulous response to my anagram. "Well-run or ladylike dream? Ourey?"

9/02/2009 1:24 PM  

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