PBW: Cathedral Withdrawal

One week after my Padre Pio pilgrimage, I found myself with a rare lazy Summer Sunday, and set out in the afternoon to enjoy the nice weather and take some local photos. I didn't have any specific destination in mind, and the first place I thought of had already closed. At that point, I was halfway toward the town where I'd worked for seven years of my life.

I love where I work now, especially the proximity to the beach, but there are definitely things I miss about my old job and the surrounding area. I miss the people and the restaurants and the sights. While I worked there, I would never have dreamed of going anywhere near there on my two days of the week off, but since that wasn't a problem anymore, that's exactly what I did. Specifically, I wanted to get some shots of a cathedral that was always being renovated while I was there, the scaffolding literally removed within months of my last day. Those shots make up the bulk of this week's Photo Blog Wednesday, with a few other nearby photogenic attractions thrown in:

Those bells could use some tuning. Meanwhile, a block away, I found a baby bunny nibbling grass:

Click this next one for desktop sized cuteness:

And finally, the rest:



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