Phantasmic Links 5.12.08

I'm sorry to say I forgot to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day yesterday; please accept my belated greetings. This one's for you:

And now, this week's PHANTASMIC LINKS :

(1) Click Myclofigia and help build our city.

(2) Enjoy a gallery of old photos. It's the next best thing to time travel.

(3) What if Shakespeare composed Pulp Fiction? “English, base knave, dost thou speak it?”

(4) Hillary is 404. Well, that's one less thing to worry about.
Hat Tip: Sean.

(5) A pair of engineers unlock the mysteries of cats.

(6) Shellhead and Bats face off outside the box office. Wow, those parallels are dead-on. Funny stuff.
H.T.: Curt.

(7) I like my wings hot like my women, but even I've never tried any of the 10 Manliest Hot Sauces. It's innard meltin' time!

(8) Beware the Giant Rope Monster! I heard he has gang ties, and you don't want to mess with him when he's at the end of himself. Add your own puns as you see fit...

(9) Newsarama takes a closer look at a comic book that played a prominent role in last week's Lost. I love how the show found an existing book that fit in with their theme and didn't have to make one up.

(10) In Comboll, you simply have to keep a ball bouncing, but you get bonuses for bouncing off the same color platforms consecutively. Simple but addictive.

(11) Seascape takes you on an underwater quest to collect treasure, take photos of exotic creatures, and solve puzzles. I made it through in just over ten minutes and earned $106,000, though it would have been more if I didn't accidentally surface on the third section.

(12) Leaping lizards! We'll end this week with Dinorun, my latest obsession. Oh, it starts out slow, but with each round you pick up bonuses that can increase your speed and abilities even in future games. And be warned, if you linger too long, you may be surfing the DOOM, which is both awesome and terrifying.

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



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