1t's All Numbers...

I am 32 years, and 2 months old.

I've written over 800 posts for this blog.

I've worked a little over 7 years for the same company.

I weigh 193 pounds.

I'm roughly 66 inches tall, although disturbingly the growth chart on my wall indicates I was taller in 1990...

I need to wake up for work in 6.5 hours.

On a typical weekday, I'm out of the house for 11 hours.

To attain the rank of “Grand Master Duelist” in Dragonfable, I need another 1,620 trophies. Trophies are awarded for 5 consecutive victories, so I'm 8,100 actual battles away from my goal. At times it occurs to me that I spend too much time on things like this, but then time passes.

Jane Wyman just turned 93 years old. Her last credited acting appearance was in 1993.

There are 845 pages in The Dark Tower. I have another 367 to go.

I have rated 1,505 DVDs on Netflix, and yet most of the time I have 500 titles in my queue, with an overflow list exceeding 100 in a text file on my computer. There are a lot of movies and televisions shows that I haven't seen, still outnumbering the ones that I have.

There are 3 valves on a Baritone Horn, and 4 on a Euphonium. I started playing the Baritone Horn when I was 10, and have now been playing for 22 years.

Transformers hits theaters in 181 days.

The Number 23 comes out on 2/23/07. Including HTML, there are 23 apostrophes in this post.

My Social Security Number is 1--, you know, I'm going to stop here before I go too far. 15 paragraphs will have to make for a decent post on a slow day...


Blogger cube said...

For a person with a secret identity, you sure are brave about revealing details about yourself.

1/05/2007 4:58 PM  
Blogger b13 said...

My lucky number is 13... I hope... otherwise it explains a lot of my misfortunes :(

1/06/2007 2:37 AM  

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