Phantasmic Links 11.6.06

It's that time of year again, time for colder weather and changing leaves and warm jackets. It's also that time of the week, time for me to share this week's PHANTASMIC LINKS:

Here are a lot of great paper toys, even if I didn't see any robots on there. Hat tip to J-No.

China may require bloggers to use their real names. I hear the Mysterious Chinese Figure is considering retirement.

I meant to link to 9th Wonders, a well-designed Heroes fan site before, but I believe I forgot. I think Rey was the first one to share the link with me.

This is the scariest milkman ever. What the heck?

Souvenirs are held up to their originals in an ingenious collection of photos.

Will it Blend? answers that very question in two categories: ”Don't Try this at Home” and ”Do Try this at Home.” I bet I know which section gets more hits.

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death for his crimes.

Can you match the film demises to the films? I've only seen nine of the films, so that's as many as I knew. I also didn't realize Dead Alive was a Peter Jackson joint; he's come a long way. Tip ‘o the virtual hat to Sean.

“You shake a pretty mean cape, Batman!” That sums it up as well as I could. Link courtesy of Sarcasmo

I think I also forgot to post this Rob Liefeld article last week. Yes, he's still around, and no, his anatomy hasn't improved. Interestingly enough though, he admits it...



Blogger Lyndon said...

Liefeld is like a rash that refuses to go away. Doesn't matter what you use it just keeps coming back.

It just boggles the mind, on how he keeps getting work. Especially since there are so many talented artists that never get the same opportunity.

11/06/2006 8:17 AM  
Blogger b13 said...

So much to comment on...

That milkman was cool and I want milk from his wife too.

The souvenirs/pictures...genius. I love the idea. Maybe an MCF/b13 project brought to new levels.

Will it Blend... Sent this link home. The marbels were awesome and I will need time to check out this whole site.

Saddam... Broadcast it live then post his head on a stick in front of the White House... Kinda like Vlad the Impaler.

Got almost all of the films matched up. Had no idea about PJ as well. That was one of the funniest and vile films I have ever seen. Pure zombie gold.

For a funny Batman song... check out:
click multimedia : mini jukebox : scroll to "A Boy In A Man's World" : #2 Batman (song contains language) God this brings me back to some funny stuff I listened to.

Rob L.... met him once. Wasn't impressed then... not impressed now.

11/06/2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger Darrell said...

I really liked the souvenir pictures, although they're sooooo cool that I think I detect some photoshopery.

I made it through maybe 75% of the milkman video before I became lactose intollerant.

11/06/2006 4:19 PM  
Blogger SwanShadow said...

There is a special chamber in hell reserved for every comic book editor who gives Rob Liefeld paying work.

I could name a dozen artists just off the top of my head -- and more if I concentrate -- who can't get a sniff from Marvel or DC, despite the fact that their work looks like Renaissance mastery when compared to Liefeld's clueless scribbling.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. :)

11/06/2006 11:12 PM  

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