Phantasmic Links 10.16.06

It's getting colder now, and I'm glad parade season is behind me. Saturday marked the last parade that I know of until March, and as our group passed the reviewing stand, the announcer described us to the crowd as the “Italian Backstreet Boys.” My professionalism allowed me only a questioning half-turn in his direction while playing, and spared him a Joe Pesci style interrogation as to just what he meant by that. For all I know, maybe it was a complement, and maybe they thought we were some famous group. I did notice an inordinate amount of newspaper photographers taking our picture before the gig began. There was also a pair of giggling teenage girls who gave their cameras to someone else while they posed in front of us. I'm not used to that kind of experience; it's not that kind of band.

My dad isn't comfortable with fame either. One photographer came up to him with a notepad, told him he just took his picture for the paper, and asked for his name for the caption. “Get someone else! Not interested!” was his inexplicably grumpy reply. “There's the leader!” he said pointing to the boss, while the kid walked away looking confused. I later confronted my dad about it and explained the situation; apparently with his failing hearing he completely missed the part where he was told his photo had been taken. “When did he say that? I didn't hear him!” I'm not quite sure what my dad did hear, but I should have checked the guy's press pass so I'd know which paper to look for with the inevitable “grumpy old man” caption.

I took some pictures myself on Sunday, with more willing subjects. The only hint I'll give for now is “Bespin”, which might make more sense in a few days when I post the images. Right now, it's time for this week's PHANTASMIC LINKS:

Yes, the kitten is composing scary synthesizer music. Next question?

Can anyone explain fish in a sealed bird egg? Hat tip to Rey for this bizarre story.

There are some comedic geniuses on my blogroll. No sooner did I ”reveal” my younger likeness, then both Otis and Darrell were hard at work making good use of the images. Well played, gentlemen.

I sometimes wonder the genesis of the things I discover. Did someone really ponder, “You know what would be great? A Nietzsche Family Circus!”

Draw Play differs from other side scrollers in that, before you can move, you must draw a path for you guy. It seems simple enough, until those obstacles start moving and multiplying.

Going on a road trip? Traveling anywhere that requires expensive gasoline? Maybe Ridester can help you make a carpool connection!(Not to be confused with the blogger formerly known as Rhodester)

Scenes from 300 are compared to the original graphic novel. It looks like filmmakers have learned from the success of Sin City; if you treat the source material from Miller as storyboards, you can't possibly go wrong.

Do you find that your search engine isn't as pretty or interactive as you might like? Ms. Dewey might just be what you're looking for to find what you're looking for.

I can always depend on India to deliver things I can't find here, such as an “epic” team-up between Superman and....Spiderwoman? It's some kind of musical superhero dancing acid trip; hat tip to Sarcasmo.

After nine minutes, I completed The Game of Disorientation. I don't know whether the clones, the spinning, or the sharp objects were the worst. I do feel the need to lie down now...



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