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My pal Rey has some nerve. Sure he's been a good friend since college, for over twelve years now. He helped me decipher the computer programs needed for our field, and even recommended me for the company I've now been with for five years. But, perhaps knowing my competitive nature, he called me ”not first place”! It's one thing for a stranger to insult me, but not someone whose wedding I went to, someone with whom I once went sledding on a car hood outside The Cloisters! I'm outraged or, more accurately, honored. Because I have been chosen as the recipient of an award as coveted as a No-Prize. Behold!:

Thanks Rey, it's especially an honor considering that your awards were in response to Evangelical Award results, and my blog doesn't fit that category, focusing more on entertainment, escapism, and my personal life. It's an EXCEPTIONAL honor considering that I forgot to vote for you in the competition you didn't win(though I DID nominate you, and isn't that what REALLY counts?).

In other areas of blogdom(or porkpiedom as fellow SDR winner Curt might say), AverageJoe is hosting a comments game, which sounds very fun. It reminds me of how I and several others once inadvertently created an interactive fanfic message board based RPG. We'd each tell a portion of a story from our character’s point of view, and link to another message board. The idea was that links=portals, and boards were locations each character traveled to. It started on normal discussion boards, and so drew more and more writers/players although understandably irritated some board admins. Eventually, we all created our own collection of boards and when the system we were using(SitepowerUp) went out of business, carried it over to two other systems where the boards multiplied uncontrollably.

That RPG is dead now; eventually the number of boards and characters outnumbered the people involved, and no one could keep up with it. It was a fun 2-3 years while it lasted though, and AverageJoe's Comments Game reminds me a lot of my “boardhopping” days. Those in his blogroll who get the spirit of the game will join in, and others will be drawn to it as well. A link trail can be very interesting to follow and lead to new and unexpected places. As soon as I finish tonight's entry, I'm going to head on over and join in the fun!


Blogger averagejoe said...

Well, apparently you and I were the only ones who "got it". Too bad. I'll sulk for a bit and then post something interesting on my blog. :-)

2/09/2005 7:46 AM  

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