PBW: MCF Acres

My mom volunteered this year, as she's done in the past, to participate in and help out with a craft fair at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. I went with my folks last year and got some great shots. This year didn't go as smoothly, and I almost didn't get in. Volunteers get free passes, and on Sunday my mom had a bunch left over that she didn't want to throw out. As we were walking in, she spotted a couple waiting near the line and started to offer the tickets, but when they turned around, they both had the same volunteer ribbons as my folks. The man launched in to a lecture starting with “Please ma'am, don't do that....” and went off on a near-rant about how they're losing money and might not be back next year. She explained that she didn't want the passes to go to waste but the guy, who actually had a gold ribbon indicating he was some sort of higher ranking volunteer, wasn't hearing it. So I began walking back to the car, while my mom called after me to ask where I was going. I said I'd just wait there until it was time to go home, since I now felt wrong going in with the free pass. So she kind of embarrassed me(and herself), by trying to get the guy's attention again. “Sir? Excuse me, sir? My son could use the pass, right? He feels funny...” This only made me want to walk further away, so I couldn't hear his actual response. Eventually, she talked me in to riding in to the grounds on a tram with her and my father, and I spent the next few hours keeping to the back woods and away from the main festivities just in case they threw me out, or whatever my weird paranoid brain was thinking. That thing has a mind of its own sometimes. In any case, it was kind of cloudy, so the low lighting made getting my shots a challenge anyway. But Photo Blog Wednesday has always focused mostly on the great outdoors, so this one will be no different:




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