Phantasmic Links 10.4.10

It was somewhat interesting to play with the only Italian band marching in a Korean parade through Manhattan on Saturday afternoon. Still, after waiting a little over an hour to get started, we walked a few blocks in less than an hour and I made it back to the train station a lot earlier than I expected. I need not have rushed, as my train was delayed for about ten minutes anyway, and I still got home too late to drive out East to make the paintball excursion I was missing because of the gig. It was still nice to have a few hours for myself on Saturday, to rest up for next week's ComicCon. Due to the inexplicable stupidity of scheduling it on Columbus Day weekend this year, I will miss large chunks of the event on Saturday and Sunday. But on Friday I will be taking off from my day job, which unlike the bands does pay me even if I'm not there. And after my parades, I'll see if I can get over there for a couple of hours each day of the weekend as well. It's sure to be a busy weekend, which also includes my parents' 40th(or is it 39th?) wedding anniversary. So, taking advantage of this weekend's relative quiet, here's a double-sized edition of PHANTASMIC LINKS for you to enjoy!:

(1) As an artist and/or art-lover, I can certainly appreciate a difficult medium. These leaf-carvings are far more intricate and detailing than things I'd be able to draw on paper.

(2) Rest in Peace, Stephen J. Cannell. My personal favorite of yours will always be The A-Team, and of course your signature production credit.

(3) Laura Vandervoort is back on Smallville as Supergirl and, as this gallery shows, more comics accurate than ever, minus one or two finishing touches....

(4) Here's a mercifully work-safe collection of ten of the greatest nude fight scenes in comics. I don't want to know what they were thinking when they had Bruce get attacked by Dick in the shower....

(5) Break down the population of Gotham City by occupation with this highly accurate pie chart.

(6) Parents will naturally take pictures of their children, but this father gets especially creative with his.

(7) Generate random music or experiment with different button combinations to create your own rhythms and melodies.

(8) The Midiclorian Rhapsody condenses the Star Wars® prequels into six minutes, so you don't need to suffer through those movies!
Hat Tip: J-No.

(9) Wake Up The Box 2 is a sequel with the same rules and some new surprises. Strategically place wood and use simple machines in this physics puzzler to wake up the box. In most cases, there's more than one solution....

(10) Unsheets are movie posters made after a film has been released, usually by fans, and manage to capture recognizable iconic imagery through simple graphic design.

(11) History was never my strong subject in high school. Here are 10 historical myths that might surprise all of us.

(12) Chris Evans has transformed himself quite successfully into Steve Rogers, much to the surprise of the internet.

(13) In case you were wondering, here's a breakdown of the Morgan Freeman chain of command. God trumps chauffeur; seems about right.

(14) The owner of Segway, Inc. died earlier this week after driving one off a cliff. Is that irony or poetry or something else entirely? Sadly, it's not satire.
H.T.: Rey.

(15) Isaiah Mustafa(The Old Spice Guy) as Luke Cage is a scenario that practically writes itself. I think there was potential for that to be a lot funnier than it was, but the ending is definitely a great payoff.

(16) I don't know if I'd read a comic bookin which the Seinfeld cast were the greatest heroes of the DC Universe, but I'd watch the hell out of that as a sitcom.

(17) This Utility Belt replica has everything an aspiring Batman needs, including a holster for your cell phone!

(18) This minimalist superhero t-shirt breaks down a couple of heroes using simple math.

(19) The Homestar Runner Wiki has long been my definitive guide to all things Homestar Runner. Sadly, the Homestar Runner site hasn't been updated in a while, and I wonder if this long hiatus may be permanent. I'll never forget Japanese Cartoon, which was my first introduction to this internet phenomena.

(20) And finally, use this bookmarklet to play Asteroids on any webpage. Follow the instructions, and start blasting away at The Nexus or anywhere you'd like....

Thank you for clicking! 10-4, over and out!




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