Phantasmic Links 8.9.10

This was a pretty good weekend, if entirely too short, but then what weekend isn't too short? One of my cousins turned 50 this weekend, so we had a nice family party at his house. One of his cousins on his mother's side got him Viagra, AARP forms, adult diapers, and other joke products related to aging. My mom made him a photo album of his entire life, which was a big hit at the party. I can't believe in mumbleteen years I'll be celebrating my own 50th. Seriously, time, slow the eff DOWN.

Well, PHANTASMIC LINKS only help pass the time, but I'm going to post them anyway:

(1) When I was younger, I would have played the hell out of these hypothetical 8-bit games inspired by comic books. Seriously, that “DRAMA” option on the X-Men one is great. I also loved the Ozymandias gag.

(2) A couple dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman married in a cosplay ceremony in which all the guests wore costumes. There's hope for us all.

(3) A robot is going to explore the tunnels of the great pyramid. And so, archaeologists take one step closer to discovering the Stargate....

(4) This guy might create the freakiest sculptures ever.

(5) Thirsty? I bet the guy with the world's largest collection of 40s isn't.

(6) Five years ago, I probably wouldn't have expected it, but I'm pretty stoked that there's going to be an anime version of Supernatural.

(7) What could BP have bought with the money lost in the oil spill? Quite a lot.....

(8) Kanye West lyrics go surprisingly well with New Yorker cartoons. It's times like these when I really love the internet.

(9) Since someone has to say it: AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE!!!

(10) In the mood for a good sequel which exceeds its predecessor? Achievement Unlocked 2 offers five floors, tons of secrets, and all the fun you've come to expect from that little blue elephant. It's another game about gaming for the sake of gaming. Are you game?

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



Blogger Spockgirl said...

The Batman and Wonderwoman wedding with costumed guests is very cool ... and I thought Chris Hemsworth as Thor was great, but the Avengers cast, with Joss Whedon at the helm... can't wait for that one.

8/09/2010 1:12 AM  

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