MCF's COMMON Bondz 11

And now we shall learn the COMMON bonds in yesterday's edition of MCF's COMMON. Were the answers as obvious as I thought? Not all of them....

(A) Virginia.
(B) Josephine.
(C) Rose Marie.
(D) Jane Marie.
If you've been reading the last few days, you might recognize the names of my father's sisters, listed here from oldest to youngest. My late Aunt Josie's full name was Josephine, but probably the one that confused people who were paying attention is my Aunt Mary, whose real name is actually Jane. For some reason, her husband is the only one in the family who calls her that instead of Mary, which I guess derived from her middle name of Marie. There are a few people in my family with name changes, none of whom had bad names to begin with. I've always been happy with my name, which is....wait, I'm starting to ramble. I'd best move on and explain the next group.

(A) Hal.
(B) Guy.
(C) John.
(D) Kyle.
Did you know The Green Lantern Corps has counted four Earthmen, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner among their ranks? I never really read their comics, but somehow I possess this useless knowledge, thanks to the comics I did read as well as various incarnations in animated series. And then there's Alan Scott, the first hero to bear the name and a ring, though he didn't share the cosmic origins of Hal and the rest of the corps. Ryan Reynolds will be portraying Hal in the upcoming film, hopefully the purest incarnation that will make the character more accessible to a wider, non-comic book geek audience.

(A) Hoops.
(B) Camera.
(C) Rifle.
(D) Lincoln.
These are all things that someone would shoot. What, too soon?

(A) Pepperoni.
(B) Ravioli.
(C) Buffalo Chicken.
(D) Caesar Salad.
Obviously, these are all toppings I've enjoyed on a pizza, though I could see this being so obvious that people might over think it.

(A) 2001.
(B) 2005.
(C) 2012.
(D) 2099.
These are all dates with particular geek and/or pop culture significance.2001: A Space Odyssey was a 1968 science fiction film based on a book by Arthur C. Clarke. Our space travel wasn't quite as advanced when we reached the real 2001, although there have been advances in both that area, computers, and artificial intelligence. The year 2005 is when The Transformers: The Movie tool place. The writers and animators of 1986 were also generous in their predictions of the future, and 2005 looked nothing like that animated feature. Chalk that up to the intervention of an advanced race of giant robots sharing their technology with humans. 2012 is an unlikely movie about survival in the face of cataclysmic global destruction, the fulfillment of Mayan prophecies thanks to the sun superheating the Earth's core. At the time of this post, we haven't reached 2012 yet, so let's hope they were wrong about that one. Between heat waves, earthquakes and freaky tornados, I'm starting to wonder. Finally, the Marvel 2099 imprint debuted in the early ‘90s, and gave us a glimpse of what the heroes and villains of 2099 might be like, many inspired by those of the present. Sadly, I doubt I'll be around in 2099 to see if there are any special anniversary issues. Note to self: figure out how to live for another 89 years....)



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