MCF's COMMON Bondz 12

It's time to find out the COMMON bonds in yesterday's edition of MCF's COMMON. Did you overthink about these, think just enough, or not think at all? I know I did all of the above....

(A) Umlaut.
(B) Grave.
(C) Acute.
(D) Circumflex.
These were just what they appear to be, a quartet of accents. It's strange that the symbols these words represent don't appear in the words themselves, at least not in English. I would think the word would be ”Ümlaut”, but I would be wrong. And Circumflex sounds like a machine I should be using to build up my upper body. But I dîgréss....

(A) Üter.
(B) Dolph.
(C) Martin.
(D) Wendell.
The Simpsons may have been on the air for over twenty years, but how many of you recognized these four kids from Springfield Elementary? Ralph, whose cat's breath smells like catfood, is probably my favorite, but I tried to list more obscure ones like Wendell, whose had maybe 3 lines in 20 years. I need to get out more.

(A) Spike.
(B) Eric.
(C) Lestat.
(D) David.
There's nothing to see here except for blonde vampires, unless they're being photographed or you're looking for their reflection in a mirror. Then there really is nothing to see.

(A) Techno.
(B) Tele.
(C) Strato.
(D) SAW.
Even I never realized how many varieties of Cobra Vipers there were. I guess I lost track of all these masked terrorists parachuting out of harm's way from enemy laser fire at the last second. The Tele-Vipers were always my favorites; loved seeing words scroll across their visor in reverse from our point of view. You know what I'm talking about, fellow ‘80s children.

(A) .
(B) ,
(C) -
(D) )
And finally, we come to what obviously appears to be four punctuation symbols: a period, a comma, a dash, and a closed parenthesis. Sometimes though, we need to look at things a little differently. Together, a period and a comma might form a semi-colon. And a semi-colon followed by a dash and a closed parenthesis forms a winking emoticon. Clever, eh? ;-)



Blogger Spockgirl said...

Sorry nobody bothered to attempt your common bondz this week, including me. Must admit, funny and clever. Note: At the end of Group 2, you say: "I need to get out more." That was essentially the first comment I made on your blog way back. Go figure.

8/07/2010 2:02 AM  

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