Phantasmic Links 3.15.10

It rained on my parade in more ways than one this weekend. I couldn't get out to take pictures or work on my car. And though the parade I was supposed to be in on Saturday was still on, my band leader opted to cancel our group. I hope we still get hired back next year after that move, even though part of me was relieved I didn't have to work in the wind and rain. I lost an hour of sleep this weekend too, but there was one bright spot. On Sunday, I finally caught Avatar. Sure, the metaphor is a little heavy-handed at times, and the story borrows from things we've before, but things we've never seen like this. At times, the 3D was so real that I was swatting at flies that were in the movie, and not in the theater. It kind of stinks that they apparently make you buy the $5.00 glasses every time, strongly suggesting you turn them in at the end, but other than that my first 3D theatrical experience was awesome. Even the real world looks 2D to me after that, and certainly PHANTASMIC LINKS won't be as vibrant:

(1) Movie buffs will appreciate honest new titles for this year's Oscar films. Comic geeks will appreciate these renamed comics.

(2) This Academy Award-Winning Movie Trailer reminds me of something, but I don't know what. Follow-up sentence to humorous sarcastic statement, whose meaning will be more apparent after viewing link.
Hat Tip: J-No.

(3) Will Hugo Weaving, Hollywood's go-to villain, become the Red Skull? Or is there an even more obvious choice if John Krasinski becomes Cap?

(4) Now let us flash sideways and see how the lives of the cast of LOST might have differed if they never starred on the show....

(5) Demolition Dude uses his head to take down buildings.

(6) Zoom in and behold the terrifying beauty of insects and spiders under an electron microscope.

(7) Did Sauron draw inspiration from Beyoncé?
H.T.: Curt.

(8) Some of these 5 Second Films are really ****ed up, but it's amazing how much of a story they can tell in so short a time.
H.T.: Krispy.

(9) ”I am Iron Man....I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I am Iron Man!” If you think that trailer remix could give you a seizure, then you probably haven't seen the Cop Out one....

(10) I Was Hungry, But There Were Cannons.

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