PBW: Coasterazzi

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I'd played a small Italian feast in the morning and had the rest of the day to do with as I pleased. So I grabbed my camera and went for a drive. Hearing on the radio that the new Pearl Jam album was already available at Target, I decided to make a quick stop before taking pictures. There was no sign of it, and as it was late in the afternoon, I was sure they'd sold out. Still, I knew of another Target, and decided to check there as well. Again, I was out of luck, and decided to wait until later in the week or the following weekend when copies would be available everywhere. But my cyclical journey around Long Island led to me to yet a third, smaller Target I wasn't aware of, nestled alongside Adventureland(not to be confused with the film of the same name, which I've yet to see). Apparently the movie is based on the same theme park, although from what I've seen of the trailers Hollywood has seriously upgraded the look of the narrow strip of land full of old rickety rides. The screams I heard from the rollercoaster as I entered the store reminded me of my own experience on there, noticing things like chipped paint and loose screws around every turn. It's the biggest coaster I've ever been on, and it was enough for me.

As for my quest, the third Target at least had stickers on the empty shelves where the CDs had been before they sold out, while the others didn't even have that much evidence. But Photo Blog Wednesday wasn't a complete bust, as I got some shots from the parking lot of that rollercoaster:

And click this last one for a desktop-sized 1024 x 768 px version:



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