Phantasmic Links 5.11.09

I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother's Day! As we enter yet another week far too soon, let's check out some great PHANTASMIC LINKS:

(1) What do you think of The Top 100 Villains of All Time? I think I wish people would stop confusing me with MODOK....
Hat Tip: Darrell.

(2) I missed it, but apparently a rocket launch was visible from the East coast earlier this week. Cool....
H.T.: Rhodester.

(3) In the spirit of the holiday we just passed, check out the 10 Best...and Worst...mothers in comic books.

(4) As a design nerd, I suspect I'll appreciate this Font Gang War more than most...

(5) These LEGOS gone wild are HOT!!! Wooo, SPRING BREAK!!!!
H.T.: B13.

(6) Death Star: Won; Enterprise: None.
H.T.: Rey.

(7) A Homestarrunner prequel or retcon? You decide, and be sure to click the “D” on “THE END”....

(8) Spewer is a little bit fun, a little bit cute, and a little bit gross. So it's like a baby....

(9) Victor Garber is....SINESTRO.

(10) Finally, a possible challenge for the macro-master himself, B13: insanely good macro shots of water droplets.

Have a link to a game, movie, article, or anything else you think might be “phantasmic”? E-mail me and it just might appear in an upcoming PHANTASMIC LINKS!



Blogger b13 said...

Those macros are luscious!

5/11/2009 12:29 AM  

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