A Movie Thing Six.

I haven't done one of those Movie Keyword Meme things in a while, which is why I'm doing one today. It has nothing to do with going out drinking to celebrate a friend's birthday on a Friday night, and I certainly didn't write this a day in advance. Nope, I'm sitting here at the stroke of midnight typing, and not in a bar regretting drinking after donating blood. I also have a nice bridge that might interest you if you believe any of that, but first a refresher of the rules:

1) Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 films.
2) Post five (5) official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
3) Have your friends guess the movie titles.

I'm all out of prizes, so this one will be just for fun. As I've sometimes done in the past, there is a common link between these movies. See if you can guess what it is. Answers will be revealed in about two days.

1) White Male Pretending To Be Black; Vietnam; Child Uses Gun; Spoof; Controversial

2) Juvenile Delinquency; Queens New York; Coming Of Age; Based On Book; Flashback Sequence

3) Bath; Drug War; Paranoia; Undercover Work; Rotoscoping

4) Car In Lake; Gay Straight Alliance; Narration; Child Abuse; Magic Act

5) Dog Killed; Professor; Writing; Alcohol; Transvestite

6) Fight The System; Sequel To Remake; Cover Up; Escaped Convict; Falsely Convicted

7) Two Girlfriends; Plant Through Window; Lying; Real Time; Bisexual

8) Villain Played By Lead Actor; Cult Favorite; Blood On Camera Lens; Fugitive Sex; Killing Spree

9) Vaudeville; Nostalgic; Anti Semitism; Based On Multiple Works; Character Name In Title

10) Nonlinear Timeline; Ambush; Artificial Intelligence; Body Armor; Fighter Jet

I'm still working out the balance between too easy and too hard with my choice of keywords. For the most part, I think I skewed toward easy this time, but we shall see.



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