I Don't Know...

...where I'll be in five, ten, or fifteen years. It's enough of a task keeping track of where I have to be tomorrow or next week.

...that I can say anything about the late George Carlin that hasn't been said better by fellow bloggers such as Swanshadow, Sean, Diana Prince or Darrell. I'll echo Darrell in that I always found him funny even if I didn't always agree with some of his beliefs. I guess it was an oversight on my part that he didn't make my Living Legends post a few weeks ago, but I suppose I would have felt like a jinx in hindsight if I had mentioned him. 71 doesn't seem that old to me, especially when I use my parents as a gauge. He will be missed.

...how I did four miles of cardio on Monday, but I do know why I fell asleep for like an hour after I got home from gym. I remember working out used to give me more energy, but I probably need to remember to pace myself, as well as the fact that I'm getting older.

...if I can share a humorous anecdote about using the wrong shower in the gym on Monday after Jerry's objection to the last time I mentioned taking a shower. He was probably saying what everyone else was saying with silence, so I suppose I'll have to keep this one to myself.

...whether I'll see Wanted or WALL•E this weekend, or neither. Between a happy hour, a barbecue, and an Italian feast it's going to be crazy. In general, there seem to be a LOT of “MCF” movies this year. As I've observed in the past, filmmakers and other marketers seem to be recognizing the force of geek in this country. If Stan Lee ever ran for president, I think other candidates would be surprised at the challenge they'd face. We are many.

...why I'm surprised Star Wars® Crawl has shut down at the request of Lucasfilm. I guess on some level I thought/hoped it was an official site. If something like that attracted tens of thousands in just a few days, maybe there should be an official version.



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