I bought Shrek 2 in Best Buy today. I have the first one, but only in VHS. I believe it was one of the last cassettes I ever acquired before making the switch to DVD. I remember a time when I didn't care whether a movie was widescreen or fullscreen. I saw most of my movies on television when I was younger, and event he ones I had seen in the theater I didn't pay enough attention to notice the difference. But once I started to see movies in widescreen, and realize how much stuff was missing from the sides when they cropped the image to fit a television's proportions, I was sold on the idea. Strong Bad's 100th e-mail had an awesome gag based on this difference.

I would have bought the first Shrek on DVD, but I couldn't find it in widescreen. They had it bundled with Shrek 3D but both were in fullscreen. There was also a gift pack which included Shrek, Shrek 3D, and Shrek 2 as well as a fourth bonus disc, but these were also fullscreen. Elsewhere in the store I found Shrek alone, as well as the director's cut. Both were fullscreen. Although the director's cut included a second disc with special features in widescreen. A search on Amazon confirmed my suspicions. There is no widescreen release of the first movie as part of a set. It does seem like they carry a widescreen version alone, so maybe Best Buy was just out of stock. With Shrek 3 underway, I wonder if a better boxed set isn't in the future as well. Personally, I'm hoping the rumors are true about a Puss in Boots solo feature. Antonio Banderas has expressed interest in reprising the role, and it certainly was one of the best parts of the sequel.

It strikes me as odd that I had more to say yesterday, when it was an admittedly off day. I think I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing, and trying to find the right length article. I know most have definitely been too long, but this is definitely leaning toward the opposite extreme. I have a nice long weekend ahead of me with only one family dinner and one parade to deal with, so there should be time enough for me to get back to normal.


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