PBW: Central Perks Part I

I love New York City. It's a great place to visit, although I don't know that I'd want to live there. I'm pretty sure I couldn't afford to live there. And I doubt I'd want to commute in every day crammed into a train car with other human sardines. But from time to time, it's a wealth of architecture, sculpture, history, and hidden surprises waiting to be explored. Last week, after a less than exciting business convention, my friend “Triathlon” and I headed uptown to Central Park and more. It's funny; though I often walked past the park in my younger days, stories of muggings were enough to keep me from venturing more than a few feet in. It's huge and it's amazing that so much wildlife, plant life, art, and more are preserved in the midst of the manmade canyons of Manhattan. Even though it turned out to be an overcast day, I still ended up with enough photos to fill two Photo Blog Wednesday posts. I'll definitely be back on a nicer day to revisit some of the places I saw and hit all the places I didn't get to, and I hope you'll all be back next week for the next batch of photos.



Blogger Rey said...

That chick looking over her shoulder surprised on the great lawn cracks me up.

Did you run after the picture?

6/24/2009 9:43 AM  
Anonymous MCF said...

Heh. Actually, that was a happy accident with zoom and crop. The shot right below it shows actually how far away I was from the people. It's kind of cool to get home and see things I didn't realize when I was taking the shot, like the forlorn kid with his head in his hands sitting under the angel fountain. Including people in photos adds so much more storytelling.

6/24/2009 3:14 PM  
Blogger b13 said...

I love the bird shots but all of these are fantastic.

6/24/2009 4:00 PM  
Anonymous MCF said...

We're definitely going to plan another NYC excursion in the future on a nicer day for the express purpose of taking pics; we'll have to get you over your aversion to the city. You would not believe how tame the park animals are and how close they get; you would get some really awesome shots with your camera & skills.

6/24/2009 4:35 PM  

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